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Hello! My name is Christina and I am a Cosmetic Tattoo Artist. I was born and raised on the East coast of the USA, but have been blessed to have been able to spend time in lots of various areas. 

From as far back as I can remember, I was always intrigued by beauty. I've always had a keen eye for aesthetics and for finding the beauty in things. I have, also, always loved working hands-on, while paying close attention to detail. I am a very caring person and being able to help others has always left my heart feeling the most full. I pride myself on being a perfectionist.

The process of tattooing has always intrigued me, 


I started out by taking a Microblading class, then decided to take a Fundamentals PMU Class, and everything clicked after that. I am multiply certified by reputable companies, such as AcademyS, which is one of the most reputable 

I believe in the saying, "Never stop learning", as I am always taking more classes to keep up with the latest and best techniques.

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