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The main goal of aftercare for saline removal is to keep the treated area dry!

Day of the procedure: Your skin may be red/tender after the procedure, which is normal and to be expected! 

Day 2-10: The treated area should have started to form a crust/scab on it. 

  • Do not pick/peel the scab- The longer the crust/scab last, the better the outcome. If you pick the scab too early, it can hurt the outcome and may cause scarring.

After the scab has (naturally) fallen off: You may get the treated area wet.

  • Apply one drop of Vitamin E Oil, 3-4 times a day, for a minimum of 4 weeks.

* Do NOT cover the treated area with a band-aid, ointment, etc. You must keep this area dry and open to the air.

*Please note that everyone's healing process will be different as everyone heals differently. Some individuals may scab more than average, while others may experience barely any scabbing. Age, skin type, health, diet, sun exposure, pre-existing conditions, etc. all play into how long it will take you to, personally, heal. Some individuals may heal quicker than anticipated, while others take longer than average.

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